Private Duty
Private Duty

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Private Duty

Homemaker and Companion Licensure Services - Having someone to sit and visit with can help make for a happier life with meaning and something to look forward to. Our caring companionship services cover anything from conversation, eating a meal together or just having someone in the home to visit. Our Homemaker’s can help with household chores, housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping assistance and routine household activities.

Homemaker and Companion services are performed according to Florida statute 400.462 (7) and (18).

** The below services are NOT performed by Homemaker/Companions under the Homemaker Companion License. The following services are performed by licensed professionals such as CNA’s **

Medication Reminders – Reminding clients to take their medications, reporting side effects, and assisting with pre-measured medication packages are all ways in which we can help. Although our caretakers cannot administer medications, they can assist the individual who shares in the responsibility of taking their own medication.

Meal Preparation - An Active-Duty caretaker will prepare a nutritious meal, including all the cleanup. The opportunity to eat regular, healthy meals can maintain strength and hydration, promote recovery, and assure appropriate absorption of medications.

Shopping & Errand Services - A caretaker can run errands such as picking up prescriptions, dry cleaning, or supplies for social events.

Some specific examples include:

- Grocery Shopping – This can be done with or without the client. The client can also specify particular stores and the caretaker can assure compliance with prescribed diets.

- Incidental Shopping – Caretakers can take clients wherever they need or want to go. More than just maintaining independence, social stimulation is therapeutic as well.

- Light Housekeeping - Vacuuming, dusting, cleaning floors, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning kitchens, taking out the trash, straightening rooms, organizing closets and drawers, are just some of the tasks that a Private Duty caregiver can help with.

- Laundry Services – Washing clothes and linens can be a long and strenuous activity. Active-Duty Caretaker can wash, dry, fold, iron and put away a client's laundry for them, alleviating physical stress.

- Bathing Assistance - Many times our elderly or disabled clients are capable of performing their own bathing and other personal care services. However, the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a trained Private Duty caregiver is standing by for assistance and safety supervision often gives the client/family some necessary reassurance.

Family Respite Care – In situations where we provide a respite for a primary family caregiver (e.g. a wife caring for a husband or a daughter caring for her mother), we find that with our help the family relationship can strengthen when one removes the considerable stress that the role of family caretaker can bring. We find that most often care for a client is a family situation, not just an individual client needing care. We are always mindful of this when advising families on care.

Recreational Activities – A Private Duty caregiver can take the client out to enjoy their favorite activities or stay in the home and play a hand of cards or a board game. We want our clients to remain engaged and to maintain the hobbies and activities they've always enjoyed.

Personal Hygiene & Dressing Guidance – We can provide reminders and guide clients toward good hygiene. We can also help put together outfits and help button buttons, tie shoes, put on socks.

Incoming Mail Organization – Our clients need not worry about sorting through the junk mail we all seem to get these days. Our caretakers sit down with clients and assist in sorting the important mail such as bills, etc. Additionally, we can provide reminders for when bills are due.

Family Care Plan Review – Keeping the family informed of the caregiver plan and answering any questions is a cornerstone of our Active-Duty services. We want everyone to feel comfortable with the care giving situation and keeping the lines of communication open is key. We will make sure to keep in touch with the family on a recurring basis.

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